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Prague: “Cafe Savoy”

IMG_4587Prague… Capital of the Czech Republic … One of the good spots that you might like to visit in this city of fairy tales is “Café Savoy“. It is located in an area named Malá Strana (Small Town/Square). Savoy is one of the rooted restaurants of the city, established in 1893. It has been a popular spot for the intelligentsia since the 1900.  It is possible to sense the feel of history and the high quality of the café with its exterior and interior design. The architectural structure is in line with the rich historical texture of Prague.

You definitely have to make a reservation if you would like to dine in the non-smoking lounge. Please do not ignore this suggestion, as you might have to wait in a long queue in front of the café when you get there. The balcony where it is possible to smoke is less popular and not on great demand. Therefore it might be possible to find a table in the smoking lounge of the café.

IMG_4594Actually we chose to visit Savoy to taste the pastry. However, we changed our minds when the waiter brought us the menu. Besides their standard menu, they also have a gourmet menu. Our menu preference was definitely going to be the gourmet menu. There are 9 to 10 choices of starters and 5-6 choices of main courses in the menu; mainly dominated by the French cuisine. There is a wide range of options of red meat, pork meat, fish, chicken and duck liver.

I chose to have Parisien Steak Tartar as the main course. Steak Tartar is a dish made out of a type of raw minced meat. The meat, chopped with a knife or a chopping knife, is marinated in mustard, olive oil, salt and a bit of lemon juice. The meat is not entirely raw as the acid and mustard has a cooking effect on the meat. The Chef soaks this blend in a mayonnaise pot and comes to serve us. After a small talk, I tell him that I am also a Chef. He is happy to hear that. He mixes up everything inside the mayonnaise pot.  I ask for more lemon juice. The Chef blends the steak tartar ingredients and serves them with French fries. The outcome is almost perfect. I can clearly state that it was very well made.

11026720_801698003252369_1287615924_nOur second choice is Halibut fish from Norwegian shores. This is a main dish and it has been boiled in a slightly different way. It is boiled in a different liquid other than water. Mushrooms and ham slices and potato mousse in a saucy texture, and I must say all are very tasty. We were very happy with the choice of fish we made.

We leave to come back sometime for a breakfast and for desserts. We move towards new flavors with smiles on our face.

Address: Café Savoy, Vítězná 5, 150 00 Prague 5 Malá Strana


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