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Poiana, Braşov: “Restaurant Vanatorul”

Screen shot 2015-05-19 at 8.20.29 PMRomania is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I would like to express my gratitude to people of Romania who helped us in many ways. This week, we will talk about Vanatorul Restaurant in Romania that has a menu consisting of hunting meals. I was doing a little research on which restaurants to go to before visiting Brasov and I found out that Vanatorul Restaurant serves hunting meals, including bear meat. I was very curious as I had not tried bear before, so we decided to go there.

We wanted to make a reservation on the day we arrived at Romania, so we called the restaurant on Saturday and they informed us that they were available on that night. We took a taxi from Brasov Council Square (Piața Sfatului) to Poiana Brașov and we took photos on the way. We arrived at the restaurant after a 12-15 minute taxi drive. The whole place is decorated with wood and there are heads of game animals on the walls. There are even animal prints on the plates. The waiter came to give us the menus and he immediately figured out that we were Turkish; he has been to Marmaris for a while. By the way, this is our second visit to this restaurant.

The 1st time, April:

We checked the menu and it consists of all sorts of hunting meals including bear, deer, rabbit, duck, goose, wild boar, pheasant and quail. It is very hard to resist and not get carried away with it. We checked the appetizers and there was a mixed plate as a starter with deer, boar, 3 types of sausages and foie gras. We gave the order and as it was getting prepared we opened the local wine from Romania and started drinking. It was a good start! We ate the appetizer, and we ordered bear and deer meat; both roasted in oven. I like deer meat a lot and it has been well done however the meat did not appeal to me. There are people who love the taste; however it was just ordinary for me. As you can guess, the restaurant does not have a rich dessert menu, ‘champagne sorbet’ caught my attention and I wanted to try it. I am glad that I did because it was amazing.

Our waiter served us an authentic liqueur, Palinka, which is a local alcoholic beverage of Romania and Hungary. As you can imagine, this is a strong drink and it is perfect to warm up although it is definitely not my cup of tea. We leave the restaurant as happy customers.

The 2nd time visit in December:

It is quite cold this time, approximately -3 degrees and we order an appetizer plate. We also have Transylvania soup this time, to warm up. Romans call the soup “ciorba”, very similar to the Turkish translation of soup, ‘corba’. Transylvania soup consists of pork, lemon, onions, celery, tarragon, parsley and ‘sour cream’ reminding me of condensed yoghurt. We also order a bottle of wine from Romania. We order duck with mango sauce as the main course and the sauce is a bit on the sugary side for me, however the taste is very good and the meat is well cooked.

We did not order dessert this time. We are happily heading back to our hotel.


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