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Madrid: “Restaurante de Botin”


Not 30, 50 or 100 years … Botin has been serving for 290 years. This is the oldest restaurant in Madrid and the world that is still running. First before anything else, I have to say that you will need a reservation at least one or two weeks prior to your visit in order to dine in this restaurant. This is a famous and a very successful spot. The restaurant is located close to Plaza Mayor, on Cuchilleros Street. The architecture and decoration is not very flamboyant; on the contrary it is quite traditional and plain.

Even though we already have a reservation, we wait in queue to get inside. After the confirmation of our reservation, we are invited to a table. The waiters are very well trained and they are true professionals. We communicate in English and Spanish with them.

We order gazpacho (cold tomato soup) as a starter and we like it very much. We order sangria (an alcoholic Spanish beverage made with fruits) after the soup. Very well made. As the main dish, we order Hake fish (a fish that lives in Mediterranean, Aegean and Sea of Marmara). The fish was cooked in casserole, oven-dried. Even though it is a bit on the salty side, we enjoy eating it. It is very tasty and delicious. As dessert, we choose to have meringue pie (made with whisked egg white and sugar) and it is very good. The presentation is unglamourous however the taste is very delicious. The staff is speedy and very professional, this is definitely praiseworthy.

I add this lovely restaurant on my list of places to visit when I come back to Madrid.


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