Bir Seyahat, Bir Mekan!

Istanbul: “Can Oba Restaurant”


In Sirkeci where is Istanbul’s historic district, a restaurant which is small but its food are glorious: “Can Oba”. The capacity of the restaurant, which we have gone as a group, up to 20-35 people; as I said, a pretty small place. Therefore, weeks in advance booking is mandatory. The venue does not promise much in terms of architecture and concepts. Mister Can usually takes orders by himself and says menu by himself.


When we went, we started with boubailles, mustard soup, potato soup and chestnut soup. I tasted all three except boubailles. I love mustard and potato soup. They appealed to my taste buds, but chestnut soup was a little sweet for me, I did not like very much. Subsequently we had scallops and salmon as savoury appetizer. I learned that scallops comes fresh from Marseille in chat that we had during service and I would strongly recommend: very good. Salmon is just as beautiful. As main meals stroganoff beef, duck, shellfish risotto was among our choice. Risotto is very nice, I had approvingly eaten. The usage of cherry sauce came to me nice and interesting but duck was not very tasty for me.


By the way; presentations are perfect and flawless. As desserts there was cheese dessert, chocolate mousse (foam), their own production ice cream, grapefruit dessert. Cheese dessert was scrumptious, extremely light and one of the best taste after dinner. Chocolate mousse was intense and very tasty. And I tasted the ice cream; I can say that was not bad.

Unfortunately there was not wine in the business. This is a pity: wine is complementary flavours and essential in some dishes. Even so I need to specify that I want to come again this restaurant which gives me satisfaction. It is very very good rather than standard of many nearby restaurants.

Thank you, Mister Can.


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