Who is Erdem Chef?

I was born in 1984, İstanbul. I like eating too much, so that encouraged me to try new flavours and to learn to cook. Of course, the share of devotion of my family to meal is too much.

Just after graduating from high school I started working in various food companies. At the same time (Even though I did not finish) I was the Open University student. I continued in the food industry about a 7-8 year period. However; my request “really” was cooking. Finally; in 2010, I applied to the Culinary Arts Academy (MSA: Mutfak Sanatları Akademisi) and I trained on international cuisine, cooking methods and business administration in there.

After graduation I did my internship at the Hilton Hotel. I worked for a while in leading hotels and restaurants of Istanbul. I worked on various projects. Now, I have been working at the British Consulate in Istanbul.

My interests are travelling, music, cinema, philosophy and every branch of art … My reason for opening a web page; not to forget the traditional cuisine with new and different recipes, to present the different food culture for people around the World and assisting the candidate cook who are new hires.

Henüz Yorum Yok